Integration is everything

The AVEVA PI System consolidates information from different areas of your company and stores data virtually in real time. With more than 400 interfaces, the flexible system can be connected to nearly every data source – be it a control system, SAP or any other solution. We ensure the customized implementation of the AVEVA PI system in your company. This will enable you to efficiently use, analyze and manage data and to make sure that your business processes are continuously improved. We rely on PI Vision for the visualization as live dashboards. And you can create your own reports with the Microsoft Excel Add-In PI DataLink. You can rely on our expertise as a long-standing partner of OSIsoft - from implementation to maintenance and support in your daily business operations.

Data acquisition

We integrate all areas of your company into the system with MEGLA PI system integrators.


We analyze data and create a secure basis on which to make your business decisions.


We turn your data into vivid images with PI Vision, e.g. for presentations. You can also use the Microsoft Excel Add-In to create PI DataLink reports and live dashboards.


You also have the opportunity to make data available to your customers, business partners and suppliers to ensure optimal collaboration.


With our individual solutions, the expansion of the scope of services is almost limitless and can be adapted precisely to your specific needs

Maintenance, support and 360° service

High-speed response times and smooth processes mean that your systems function without a hitch

MEGLA as a certified partner and integrator for AVEVA PI

As a partner and certified system integrator of AVEVA PI, we support you in the integration of the PI System, a historian for the production environment.

The PI System collects, analyses, and visualizes data from various sources, which are imported through one of the many interfaces already in place.


Our job as your personal IT ally is to guide you through the implementation process and to support you during system operation. To provide you with the greatest possible added value, we can also develop individually customized solutions with our experienced team of software developers.

Our services and typical activities at a glance

To keep your PI System up-to-date and efficient, we offer the following services:

What does the PI System do and what added value does it offer?

The AVEVA PI System collects, analyses, and presents large amounts of data from various sources in real time. Its main purpose is to help companies make better decisions by giving them a comprehensive view of their production or operational processes.

Data Integration:

The PI system collects data from various areas of a company, such as production facilities, sensors or other software applications.


Real-time Analytics:

It analyses this data in real-time, which means that companies get instant insights into their ongoing processes.


Problem Detection:

By analysing data, the system can identify potential problems or inefficient processes before they lead to larger problems.



It helps optimize operational processes to increase efficiency, minimize energy consumption, and improve overall performance.



The AVEVA PI System presents the analysed data in easy-to-understand graphs and reports, allowing users to quickly understand complex information.


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