MPDV ecosystem continues to grow through MEGLA

Manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex. That's why companies today demand flexible platform solutions with which they can program applications individually tailored to their needs or combine applications from different suppliers. MPDV's MIP is the first representative of manufacturing IT that makes this possible.

The MIP serves as a central information and data hub in production and all related processes. All applications communicate with each other on the basis of a common information model and thus enable comprehensive interoperability. Users of the MIP can choose from a variety of so-called Manufacturing Apps (mApps) from different manufacturers with different functions and combine them flexibly. Companies also have the option of developing mApps themselves and offering them on the MIP marketplace. System integrators can create individual standard solutions for their customers from the available applications. In this way, MIP becomes an ecosystem of users, vendors and integrators that enables completely new business models.

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